about us

At MJB Financial Solutions we focus on you – what are your hopes and aspirations for today, tomorrow and beyond and in context to you and your immediate family and business.This means we take a bottom up approach of listening and acting for the benefit of helping you to gain financial independence plus guide and advise you on your financial journey.This includes providing the tools and information to equip you to make well informed decisions and feel comfortable with the likely outcomes.Our obligation to you is

  • To listen and understand your position
  • To help you to refine your lifestyle goals and aspirations
  • To educate you on the benefits of investment discipline and diversification in the pursuit of your goals
  • To ensure financial products are appropriate and in line with your anxiety level (level of comfort between return and risk)
  • To develop a strategic plan that is user friendly – short and concise and written in plain english with suitable modeling to justify recommendations
  • To provide feedback on your performance on a regular basis and help you to decide if adjustments are required
  • Be a resource to out source, project manage financial issues and as counsel in regards to any other financial decisions

In return we expect you to be honest and upfront so we can ensure our recommendations are appropriate. Maximizing the likelihood of meeting your goals and objectives is our priority!

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