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MJB provides a number of tailored packages for flexibility to meet client’s particular needs. Advice can be as limited or as comprehensive as required and can include the following advice areas, but not limited to the following;

  1. Superannuation – to target and accumulation funds for retirement
  2. Retirement – application of income streams and structure of other assets to gain financial independence
  3. Savings – to invest effectively in managed funds and direct equities
  4. Gearing – to potentially accelerate savings by using investment loans/ lines of credit/ margin loans and geared managed funds
  5. Tax structures – to structure your financial affairs in light of personal circumstances and priorities using self managed super funds, trusts and companies where appropriate
  6. Government benefits – to maximize benefits where applicable
  7. Life Insurance – to provide comfort for you, your family and business associates using life, temporary and permanent disability, income protection and critical illness insurance
  8. Debt planning – to structure debt to best meet your needs and minimize overheads like fixed fees, interest and tax
  9. Tax planning – to use appropriate strategies and work with tax professionals to legally minimize future tax obligations in light of overall goals and objectives
  10. Estate planning – to structure your estate to ensure benefits are allocated as per your wishes
  11. Asset allocation – target a mix of assets to best suit client’s risk and return characteristics

MJB spends an enormous amount of time and care to ensure the appropriate mix of advice is presented to you in light of your needs and objectives.

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